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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Intel GMA HD graphics review deems them excellent for video, mediocre for gaming

Our Intel Arrandale / Clarkdale review bonanza was sprinkled with a few graphics benchmarks, but there was never a concerted effort to break down the specific upgrades on the 45nm GPU that comes as part of the new CPU package. That omission has now been corrected by Bit-tech, who've delved deep into the murky waters of embedded graphics and report that Intel's focus appears to have been firmly on video playback. Noting full bitstreaming, Blu-ray with picture-in-picture, and HDMI 1.3a support, the lads commended the "very smooth" 1080p playback of h.264-encoded video. While their conclusion about gaming was less glowing -- finding that Intel's latest gen only keeps up with older hardware -- they couldn't help but recommend the new processors on account of their feature-rich video playback and energy efficiency.

Monday, January 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Torchlight PC Game

If you like Diablo's hack and slash game, then you must get this one.
It extremely addictive, and even works for netbook too!
more info here

PostHeaderIcon Nvidia Notebook Driver 195.81 BETA

As part of the NVIDIA Verde Notebook Driver Program, this is a reference driver that can be installed on supported NVIDIA notebook GPUs. However, please note that your notebook original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provides certified drivers for your specific notebook on their website. NVIDIA recommends that you check with your notebook OEM about recommended software updates for your notebook. OEMs may not provide technical support for issues that arise from the use of this driver.

This driver supports the following NVIDIA GPUs (there are some exceptions – please refer to the Products Supported tab):
GeForce 8M, 9M, 100M, and 200M-series notebook GPUs.
Quadro NVS-series notebook GPUs (only those that support DirectX 10 or higher).
Quadro FX-series notebook GPUs (only those that support DirectX 10 or higher).

This driver is identical to the 195.62 WHQL drivers except for the following:
Several bug fixes to support the new Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta 2 release.
Adds new SLI and multi-GPU profiles for Avatar Demo, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Demo, and Wings of Prey.

Windows XP 32bit
Windows XP 64bit

Windows Vista / Windows 7 32bit
Windows Vista / Windows 7 64bit

PostHeaderIcon Golden Globe nominations tap 'Avatar' and 'Up' among others

The 67th annual Golden Globe Award nominations for film and television are fresh off the press, but the rush to dissect their deeper meaning is in full bloom. Despite the nods for the small screen, most media watchers see the selections of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, with fewer than 100 voting members, as the Ghosts of Awards Shows Future, primarily the Oscars. There are some surprises, mainly in the best film and acting categories, the biggest perhaps being the tap for James Cameron’s $230 million blockbuster, “Avatar,” for best drama.

The inclusion of a film widely regarded as a crowd-pleasing, special-effects-driven popcorn flick extravaganza is a startling sign that the effort is being taken seriously – for a good reason, says Matthew Belloni, managing editor of the trade publication, The Hollywood Reporter. “The Globes have a tradition of choosing movies that will move the industry forward,” he says, adding that the technological achievement in depicting a 3-D, deep-space environment is widely seen as setting new cinematic standards. On the downside, the absence of a nod for Clint Eastwood’s Nelson Mandela tribute, “Invictus,” was particularly surprising, given both the acting and directing nods to the film received for Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood, respectively. Other unexpected moments include the double nods for Sandra Bullock, one for drama (“The Blind Side”) and one for comedy (“The Proposal”).

But, says Paul Schneider, film and TV department chairman at Boston University, by and large these choices can be seen as a rough road map for the motion picture Academy statuettes, whose own list doesn’t come out till January.

“I would expect many of the nominations, especially in the acting area to overlap with the Oscars,” he writes in an e-mail, pointing out that this year, for the first time, the Motion Picture Academy has expanded the list of contenders for best film to 10 candidates, up from five in previous years. He adds that while award shows have proliferated, the Golden Globes have gradually moved from being dismissed as a minor group of celebrity-happy junketeers, in the past five years or so, to being seen as a meaningful barometer of industry achievement.

The Globe nominations are an eclectic mix this year, says executive producer of Yahoo! Movies, Sean Phillips, carrying on their own tradition of tapping as many sides of the entertainment landscape as possible. For instance, he points out, the other deep-space hit of 2009, “Star Trek,” was a possibility for the list. “But,” he points out, “there’s room for only one big high-tech space adventure and that of course, went to ‘Avatar.’” He sees this inclusiveness as a virtue, going further to suggest the very awards shows that seem to draw increasing criticism as they proliferate across the TV landscape, as a useful distraction – particularly in hard times. “Knock them if you like, but I don’t see anything wrong in honoring the best of human art and craft in an industry that for many, can take years to produce a single work. Look at James Cameron,” he adds, whose work on “Avatar” began nearly 15 years ago.


PostHeaderIcon Official NBA 2K10 Roster (10.01.09)

Now we can use NBA Today to download the latest official roster of NBA 2K10 now.
So If it is updated, we will post here.
Latest Update : 2010/01/09


Start > Run > Type : %appdata%, then find 2K Sports\NBA 2K10\Saves , overwrite the Roster.ROS
for XP users: C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\Application Data\2K Sports\NBA 2K10\Saves
for Vista or Win 7 users: C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K10\Saves


PostHeaderIcon 2011 BMW 3-Series: What Big Eyes You Have

After all the hype here's the 2011 BMW 3-Series, featuring the same wide-eyed treatment seen on the 2011 5-Series and sporting the new N55 turbo inline-six pumping out 300 HP and 300 lb-ft of torque.

You might be thinking to yourself this is the same overall power and displacement as the previous inline-six found in the 335i. You're right. Look deeper and the only significant difference on paper is the torque curve is slightly better with peak twist kicking in at 1200 RPM, thanks in part to the addition of the Bimmer version of variable valve timing/control. The real difference? BMW has dropped the twin-turbo setup in favor of a single, twin-scroll turbo.

No talk yet of the more exciting IS model yet so we hope you enjoy the new snout and other minor creases added to the coupe to give it cleaner, sleeker proportions.