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Monday, January 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Nintendo DS2 to be announced this year, released not too long after?

Nintendo has already been talking up what a Nintendo DS successor might look like, so it wouldn't come as too much of a shock if we saw the device in the near term. That's what EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich believes, anyway. He has a research note out saying that Nintendo will be releasing a new handheld in the next 15 months, and make the announcement within the next eight months. The reasons are numerous, including the need to bone up on online distribution, rampant piracy, and just the regular march of technology that Nintendo is never unaware of -- just ask the routinely trounced handheld competition. Unfortunately, there's nothing "solid" in this report as far as we can tell, so we'll have to wait for some "unnamed sources" or our cousin's friend's dad's barber to weigh in and tell us how it really is.